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MALTESAS Multi-Disciplinary Research Journal (MIRJO)
eISSN: 0127-6271

**OPEN and PUBLIC Access Journal**



The MALTESAS Multi-Discliplinary Journal (MIRJO) has aimed to publish high-quality papers in the field of multi-disciplinary field such as engineering, applied mathematics, social sciences, and information technologies. All submitted papers are peer-reviewed. The Journal will publish original research papers and research review papers of substance. Every submitted paper will be judged upon its novelty and possible lasting value, and this is of course the strength of the MIRJO. All published paper is open and public access for all people.


The MALTESAS Multi-Discliplinary Journal (MIRJO) is an OPEN ACCESS Journal. The manuscript selected in NORMAL ISSUE of this journal is FREE OF CHARGES (there are no submission charges, page charges, or color charges.). For SPECIAL ISSUE publication, kindly contact the journal administrator at admin@maltesas.my


MIRJO is published BIANNUALLY (twice a year) starting 2016 and will publish TRIANNUALLY (three times a year) starting 2017.